Spatchcocked Sambal Turkey

Spatchcocked Sambal Turkey

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AF Chili Chunka Sambal. Delicata Squash. Easy Recipe. Good Food Award. Good Food Foundation. Sambal.

Oven Baked Delicata Squash with AF Chili Chunka Sambal

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  • Cold Dumplings with Spicy Peanut Dressing. Feat. OMG! Sambal.

    Cold Dumpling in Spicy Peanut Sauce

    In the summers I lived in Shanghai, I would look forward to the cold sesame, peanut-y dressed cold dumplings that pop onto the menu when the weather warms.  This recipe is an homage to all the dumpling makers in my French Concession neighborhood who kept their traditions alive and fed the community with their hand wrapped dumplings.  Ingredients: Frozen dumplings...

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  • Cannot go wrong squash and pumpkin curry. Easy home meals.

    Can't Go Wrong Squash Curry

    INGREDIENTS 1 medium Onion, peeled and julienned 1 tbsps Vegetable oil 2 tbsps OMG! Sambal® 2 cups Squash, cubed 1/2 can Coconut Milk, can substitute with other milk alternatives 1 drizzle Fish sauce (Optional; Vegan friends just use salt) METHOD In a large, cold pan or wok, add the onion and 2-3 tablespoons of the oil. Place the pan over...

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  • Spiced Dal featuring Sangre de Toro Beans

    Spiced Dal featuring Sangre de Toro Beans

     This recipe features Sangre de Toro, a rare and regional burgundy bean from Primary Beans.  We met Lesley, one of the female owners of Primary Bean during a Good Food Mercantile in SFO last year. She was super passionate about beans and sharing her knowledge of beans. Ingredients 1/2 cup Sangre de Toro Beans ¼ cup of yellow mung beans 1/3...

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  • Holly Ong Kittch Sibeiho Sambal East Meets West Cooking Asian

    East Meets West: Whole Fish En Papillote

    Whole fish delicately cooked in coconut milk and sambal. Easy and delish!

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  • Easy AF Pickle. Using AF Chili Chunka Sambal. Good Food Award Winner. Good Food Foundation. Easy Salad. Asian Flavors

    Easy AF Pickle: AF Chili Chunka Sambal

    AF Chili Chunka Samba: Easy AF Pickle As we head into summer a refreshing accompaniment to grilled food and a staple on our table are pickles. This quick pickle recipe is surprisingly easy, packs a lot of flavor and will quickly become a summer staple for you too. Our standard always has cucumbers in it but with vegetables coming into...

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  • Vegan OMG Sambal Artichoke and Beans

    OMG! Sambal: Artichoke & Mayocoba Beans (or any white beans); Vegan Friendly

    OMG! Sambal: Artichoke and Mayocoba Beans Beans have a spotty relationship with eaters and I’ve heard its gaseous feedback. TBH, I never really had an issue with it. Maybe because it’s the pre-cooking that an old auntie told me and one that I adapted a kitchen hack with. All you need is a slow cooker or instant pot and it...

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  • Mee Sua, a type of Chinese Noodles with AF Chili Chunka Sambal, Good Food Award Winner 2022

    Ah-Ma's Mee Sua: 长寿面 Longevity Noodles. Paired with AF Chili Chunka Sambal

    Mee Sua 长寿面  is a Chinese New Year must-have food for many communities from the Fujian region in China.  The name translates to longevity noodles and eating is for an auspicious start to the new year. For my family, Mee Sua is part of the traditional foods from my Dad’s side in Klang, Malaysia.  We would eat Mee Sua for breakfast on the...

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  • OMG! Sambal. Next level butternut pumpkin butternut squash soup. Best cold weather soup ever.

    OMG! Sambal® Spicy Butternut Squash Soup with Sambal Pumpkin Seeds

    I do love a good butternut pumpkin/ squash soup. This one is super easy to make and so full of flavor. And we love not wasting any bit of delicious pumpkin / squash with the snack crunch you can make easily from the squash seeds. 

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