East Meets West: Whole Fish En Papillote

October 18 2022 – Holly Ong

Holly Ong Kittch Sibeiho Sambal East Meets West Cooking Asian

Holly Ong Kittch Sibeiho Sambal East Meets West Cooking Asian

En papillote is french which means to wrap in paper  (sounds fancy right?!).  In Singapore, there is a Chinese dish called 纸包鸡 which is paper wrapped baked chicken. The methodology is similar as it uses the principle of creating a vacuum and steam to cook whatever is wrapped inside the hot parcel. Personally, I love using this technique to cook fish because its almost 100% foolproof. Once you get the fundamentals, the rest is easy peasy.

I've started live stream cooking on Kittch.com recently. It is a platform that  You can catch the recording of me cooking the fish here.



- Whole rainbow trout approximately 2#. You can substitute with other fish too. 

- 1 cup coconut milk 

- 1 Tbsp OMG! Sambal 

- Aromatics herbs (about 1 bunch) 

We used onions, ginger, spring onions, basil for the cooking demo. 

- Fish sauce approx 1 Tbsp

You’ll also need parchment paper, tin foil and a baking tray large enough for the fish. 


- Heat oven to 380F/ 190C

- Tear enough foil and parchment paper to wrap up the fish with the seal edges at the top of the fish. 

- Layer the parchment paper on the tin foil. Then lay half the onions and aromatics on the paper. 

- Coat the fish liberally on both sides with OMG! Sambal® and then place on the bed of onions and aromatics.

- Place the other half of the onions and aromatics on top of the fish.  Then fold the sides of the tin foil so that it forms a side.  Then drizzle the coconut milk all over the fish.  

- Wrap the fish and all the aromatics + coconut milk seam side up. Make sure that there is no openings. Slide that into the hot oven. It will take about 35-45 minutes.  

- Be careful when you unwrap the parcel as there will be a lot of steam. Have fun and enjoy!


Whole Fish En Papillote with Coconut Milk and Sambal