Tingkat, Snacks & Pantry

What is a Tingkat? Tingkat is a concept of home cooked food that is packed in a traditional tiffin carrier. When we were kids, we went to Ah-ma's after school as both our parents were working. When we were picked up to head home with Mom and Dad, we would be bringing along a Tingkat filled with Ah-ma's cooking.  We were very lucky to have a home cooked meal to sit together and eat at the family table.

Our Tingkats aim to re-create that food memory of a home cooked meal. They are inspired by what's seasonal here in Oregon and what we miss eating from our Singaporean kitchen.  With Covid, we've had to put a pause on our Supper Clubs but Tingkats have been our way of continuing to share our Singaporean food heritage with our community here in Portland, Oregon. We are grateful for the support that allows us to bridge our childhood memories and make new ones in our adopted home. 

Please note that Tingkats are exclusive to our Portland store. We cook to order and they are pick up only. To find out what's in store, please subscribe to our mailing list. We send you updates mid-week. 

We also make snacks and limited edition yummies.  Look out for them here!