Wet Market to Table BY Pamelia Chia

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What is a wet market one might ask? Well in Singapore before there were air conditioned super markets, wet markets ruled. My grandma had her favorite Fish monger/ vegetable seller/ chicken man where she was guaranteed the freshest & best ingredient because of the years accumulated as a loyal customer.

In recent years, these wet markets have struggled to compete with younger generations wanting comfort, clean and nice smelling environments to shop for their groceries. Its still hard to beat the variety, freshness of what you can get. When I am home, I still go to the wet market because its still the best place to get freshly grated coconut for squeeze santan (aka coconut milk) when I’m making Kueh.

Local Singaporean chef Pamelia Chia explores uncommonly used vegetables, fruits and herbs found in Singapore wet markets, using over 80 recipes to bring out their unique flavours and textures. Pamelia’s heart-felt stories about the wet-market vendors and shopping with her mom opens our minds and stomachs to the possibility of using fresh ingredients and cooking Singaporean inspired meals.