Sibeiho Bun Susi Childhood Revisited

April 18 2020 – Holly Ong

Sibeiho Bun Susi Childhood Revisited

Sibeiho Bun Susi Childhood Revisited


Rekindling of our childhood snacks: Auntie F’s Bao Susi. One of the new routines we’ve been doing is to cook virtually with our best friends back in 🇸🇬 sunny Singapore. Auntie F is our best friend’s mom and we’ve had many fun memories eating at her house in Marine Parade. 

Bao Susi is usually made during Easter or special festivities. Growing up, the Aunties would just say Pao Susee/ Pang Susi and it’s was only on a Portugal holiday that we realized that the word Pao/ Pang was a SG hybridized colloquialism of the Portuguese word “Pao” for bread. At some point in the 1800s/1900s, the Portuguese were in our part of the world to trade in spices so I guess this bread is also a recipe that has adapted with the times. 

The actual recipe had mashed sweet potato into the dough. Our adaptation of the recipe in PDX was to use sourdough starter as our leavening agent.   And we added 🍠 into the filling instead. 

We steamed the buns like Chinese Baos, and baked like Savory Meat Rolls with an egg wash. Both turned out insanely yummy - the baked version was prettier and we are partial to pretty 😊

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