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We do not really have a sweet tooth but we do like well made products that make life a little sweeter. We like it even better if they are naturally made and have no weird additives in them.

This Sibeiho Gift Box is attractively wrapped and contains one each of the following items, all full sizes. 


- Sauvie Shrub Gift Set contains three 2 ox bottles: Good Food Award Winner Blueberry Ginger, Pear Cardamom and Strawberry Rose.

Sauvie Shrubs is made by Sascha.  Unlike bottled kombucha which usually has a lot of sugars, Shrubs are great as they are high in acetic acid, antioxidants, good gut bacteria and probiotics.  

- Annellabee's Organic Honey Candy Caramel. 

Pure melt-in-your-mouth magic, all from fewer than eight ingredients. Anellabees honey caramels combine the perfect amount of honey, organic sugar, butter, and heavy cream for a classic caramel taste, only better! Each small batch is made without preservatives, free of corn syrup and soy lecithin, and individually wrapped in wax paper.

- Rhizome's Honey Lime Tonic 

This tonic packs a Sweet & Spicy punch.

We love to start our morning with Honey Lime Tonic. Wake up your gut and your mind by adding this to a mug of hot water or your favorite tea. Not into hot? Try a splash in still or sparkling water.

Made with fresh, whole organic ginger, turmeric, honey and lime. We brew everything in small batches by hand in Portland, OR.

- Sibeiho Traditional Good Morning Tea Towel Set

Originally, the towels’ design dates back to the 19th and 20th centuries when there were British colonies in Asia. The towels included the English "Good Morning" greetings as well as mandarin text and became the workhorse for all kitchens in S.E Asia as well. The Kopitiam coffeeshop uncles would also have them slung around their necks to wipe their sweat!

These Sibeiho branded cotton terry towels are printed with Good Morning Portland, Oregon with the mandarin side 安早君祝 good morning honored guest.