Sauvie Shrubs, Drinking Vinegar

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We met Sascha, the founder of Sauvie Shrubs at a trade show recently (our first!). She was so kind in answering all our questions about Shrubs as it was something new to us. 

If you're like us always looking for something healthy to make water exciting, then Sauvie Shrubs will be something that will get you jolly as it did us. Sauvie shrubs have a base of raw organic apple cider vinegar (with the mother) and are made with seasonal whole fruit. They are cold pressed and fermented, low in sugar and packed with probiotics. They boast many health benefits, especially digestive support!

The word shrub is derived from the Arabic word sharab, which means “to drink" and these days it is associated with drinking vinegar.  Unlike bottled Kombucha which usually has a lot of sugars, Shrubs are great as they are high in acetic acid, antioxidants, good gut bacteria, and probiotics.

Sauvie Shrubs is low sugar and the fruit-forward flavors come through together with the deliciously paired herbs and spices. Being twice fermented, there's extra probiotic goodness and don't look down on their small size as every Sauvie Shrubs is concentrated bottled goodness. 

Their signature shrubs is in a beautiful botanical gift box. Each gift box contains three 2 oz bottles (4 servings each) of our Pear Cardamom, Strawberry Rose and Good Food Award Winner Blueberry Ginger shrubs as well as three unique recipes for a marinade, cocktail and salad dressing. This shrub sampler is perfect for those that are new to shrubs and also makes an excellent gift.