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There is no cup more iconic than this ‘kopi’ (coffee) cup! Traditionally, Kopitiams aka coffee shops in Singapore roast their coffee beans in butter, sugar and sometimes spices from the region. Kopi is what we call coffee back home.

For the western world, lattes, cappuccinos, cortado and flat whites are commonly known vocabulary for styles of drinking coffee. In Singapore (and neighboring Malaysia), we have a complete set of language that’s in our local Hokkien / Malay dialect to order our own local styles of drinking Kopi.

Two popular ways to drink Kopi like a local pro:

Kopi O Kosong: Coffee without milk or sugar

Kopi Si Siew Dai: Coffee with evaporated milk and less sugar

For a truly local breakfast, we like to enjoy our kopi with runny soft boiled eggs, dark soy sauce and toast slathered with ample amounts of Kaya, a type of coconut jam with a slab of butter sandwiched between.

For more information on kopi language, Serious Eats has a good article.


Product Information

  • Designed by: Lee Sin Yee, GOODSTUPH Art Director

  • Porcelain Cup & Saucer

Additional Info:

  • Cups do not come with coffee

Photo credits: ©Goodstuph