Bobbie's Boat Sauce

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We have a soft spot for Robin Rosenberg of Bobbie Hot Sauce. We first met Robin (Bobbie) at a trade show and she was super sweet to come say hi and check in if we were overwhelmed at our very first show. 

Bobbie's Boat Sauce is special. It was born on a boat when a freshly caught rockfish demanded something extra special.  If you've been on a boat, you would know that the kitchens are tiny and improvisational cooking is a special skill set. Bobbie whipped up a combination of tomato paste, lime, fish sauce, pickle brine, maple syrup, and dried Thai chiles, among other things. Lo and behold, the umami bomb that we know of as Bobbie's Boat Sauce was born. 



Some of the world's best creations started out as accidents, and Bobbie's Boat Sauce Marinara Collection is part of this strong lineage.  A bright and tomato-forward rendition of Bobbie's Boat Sauce with its trademark umami undertones, these sauces beg to be smeared, squeezed, or stirred into your regular rotation of Italian-American classics: pizzas, pastas, parms, and much, much more. We like using it in place of ketchup for fries! 


Bobbie's Boat Sauce Classic has a gentle warmth and is perfect for people who love bold flavor but can't handle aggressive heat.  It also makes for a great cooking ingredient. 

Whether you know it or not, the wallop of flavor and spice in Bobbie’s Boat Sauce has been missing from your life. That all changes now. Tomatoes, chilis, aromatics, fish sauce, spices, and lime are blended into a condiment that defies categorization.  It's more than a hot sauce. It’s Boat Sauce. Invented on a boat, perfected in Portland Oregon, and enjoyed with everything.