Lux Tingkat: Singapore Chili Crab & SG White Pepper Crab

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Date | 23 Dec 2022


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 Growing up an island meant we were lucky to eat super fresh seafood. In 2018, I was visiting Pat in Manzanita, on the Oregon coast.  For fun, we decided to cook a Singaporean Chili Crab meal and it was with that cooking and eating of delicious crab that Pat & I had our eureka moment to start Sibeiho® Supperclub. Fast forward to today, and we are so pleased to be able to share our Singaporean culinary heritage with you here in PDX, via our Sibeiho Sambals and other goodies.

We will be serving this up the whole month of December (and maybe Jan 2022 as well).  Please note that we use only LIVE crabs to cook this dish.  Once you land the lux tinkgkat, we will be in touch on pick up times from our shop. 

This ultimate crab set is a complete family style meal that features two whole crabs and will serve 2-4 happily. The Tingkat will include Mee Sua Noodles, a Veggie side and Deep Fried Mantou (a type of chinese bread). 

Dungeness crabs will be cooked in the following styles:

> Singapore Chili Crab. This is the ubiquitous version that every visitor to Singapore will eventually order as part of their food trip. 

> White Pepper Crab. White pepper crab came about in the last ten years or so and was popularized by the No Sign Board Seafood Restaurant.  Since then, its become one of the styles we love to eat crabs.

Photos: From our Supperclubs + from our home meals in Singapore that use Sri Lankan mud crabs. Can you spot the differences in crabs?:) 


Tingkat Photo Credit: @ Kara Stokes