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Mom always said a good breakfast gets the day going well. These days, we love starting the day with a good cup of coffee and a delicious savory breakfast. Growing up, Nasi Lemak aka coconut rice with egg and a dollop of sambal would be one of our go to breakfasts.  Living here in Portland, eggs in any form and avocado on toast with some sambal on the side is our favorite home breakfast.  For this gift set, we've chosen Exilior Coffee Binti as the perfect breakfast pairing.  

The box also includes a recipe card set, for those who like to try new things and experiment with unfamiliar spices. This is the perfect gift for anyone who is passionate about the delicious food and sensational flavor profiles.

This Sibeiho Gift Box contains: 

  • Sibeiho Recipe Card Set  
  • Sibeiho Gift Wrap
  • Exilior Coffee. A family-owned business with a Kenyan heritage. We got to know Maya, one of the owners from our XXcelerate Women's start of program. Each of Exilior coffees (Savannah, Champion, and Binti) support direct social causes in Kenyan coffee growing communities. This Kenyan AA coffee is produced by Symon & Irene Nyaga who together own Njemu farm. The farm is located in Kirinyaga on the slopes of Mount Kenya at an altitude of 5,495ft above sea level.The coffee has all hallmarks beloved with coffees from Kenya. From the mouth watering aromas, followed by dark chocolate and finishing with brown spices giving a perfect start to your morning.
  • Sibeiho Sambal Gift (Set of 3) Includes three 6 oz each jars of the following:
    • AF Chili Chunka Sambal (Good Food Awards 2022 Finalist). This super tangy hit sambal packs a garlicky punch. 
    • Boomz Sambal.  Eat-with-anything sambal. This is our Nasi Lemak coconut rice sambal. It’s caramelized with a touch of heat and deep umami from Belachan. (shrimp paste).
    • OMG! Sambal®. Cook-with-anything sambal, perfect in stir fries or mixed in marinades. 

AF Chili Chunka Sambal

Ingredients: Organic Garlic; Organic Brown Sugar; Mix of Organic & Non GMO Chili; Organic White Vinegar; Salt

Boomz Sambal

Ingredients: Organic Shallots; Organic Red Onions; Organic Canola Oil; Organic Garlic; Dried Chili; Organic Brown Sugar; Lime Juice; Belachan (Shrimp paste), Salt

OMG! Sambal®

Ingredients: Organic Shallots; Organic Red Onions; Organic Garlic; Organic Canola Oil; Dried Chili; Organic Brown Sugar; Salt; Lime Juice.

* Pine cones not included.