Chelo Luna's Hot Sauce

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Style | Fiery Chipotle


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We first met Chef Luna at a friend's pop up. We were both pitching in to help get the supperclub off the ground. When Luna started her hot sauce adventures, we wanted to stock her delicious product in our pantry! 

The name Chelo for Portland chef Luna Contreras is a “meeting ground for all, highlighting seasonal street snacks, pastries, and whimsical cocktails” inspired by the taste memories of their Mexican childhood.  


Smoked Chipotle Mecco with Guajillo. We love the smokiness and depth of this hot sauce that combines the earthy intensity of chipotle and guajillo peppers with a bit of rice vinegar and piloncillo for a perfectly balanced hot sauce. 


Luna’s Sweet Habanero Hot Sauce combines spicy, floral habanero peppers with sweet carrots, rice vinegar and piloncillo for a bright and balanced hot sauce perfect for just about anything. A combination of Habaneros, Onion and Carrot. Hints of Mexican sugar and 5 spice combat the spicy Habaneros for a balance of both.


This latest offering from Luna is such a delight to eat! Every drop oozes with umami goodness coming from miso, five herbs and hints of sesame. We think it is bright and balanced.  One of our favorite ways of eating it is with fresh mozzarella cheese interspaced with slices of tomatoes!